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Shop anywhere in UK & USA and pay after the items arrive

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Welcome to SkyCliQ

Easily shop from any store in the UK or USA

You only pay after your order arrives

Remarkable rates for delivery!

How it works for Shoppers


Just copy and paste a link of the item you want, when you need it.


Receive and accept offers from travellers coming to your destination city.


Take delivery of your item from SkyCliQ

Shopper FAQ’s

Describe SkyCliQ?

SkyCliQ is a collaborative platform powered by people for a cost-effective and eco-friendly shipping solution.

Shoppers list items they need and receive offers for delivery to their city.

Travellers get to browse listings and decide items they wish to take along to their destination city and get paid for each product.

All transactions are made with traveller and shopper initials only. Names are not required for transactions.

What are SkyCliQ’s rates compared with the market?

Delivery rates start from £12.99 for UK and $21.99 for items from USA. Delivery can be as quick as overnight.

The shopper only makes payment when the items are received at the destination city.

No! NO listing fees and NO subscription fees.

The SkyCliQ marketplace can be as quick as an overnight delivery or your selected delivery window once an offer has been accepted. On the other hand SkyCliQ Send takes no more than 7 days to get to the shoppers destination from dispatch.

SkyCliQ is a low value, small parcel service for needed items. Depending on jurisdiction, most small items are likely to fall within de-minimis rules. However it’s important to note that customs always makes the final decisions on what items attract tariffs.

The platform is powered by Stripe for payments. The service supports several debit and credit card brands from large global networks such as VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Discover & Diners.

Stripe are a globally recognised international payment processing platform for e-commerce. They enable payments to be made online all over the world, and hold the highest level of certification available in the payments industry for security.

SkyCliQ does not operate a product return service. If the item is damaged on arrival or not the exact item shoppers are not charged

Yes! You can send items to Accra and Lagos if you live in UK or USA, just as you can also shop and receive if you live in Accra or Lagos.

All you need is the product link to list for free on the platform. No need for sticky tapes, scissors, boxes or going to a courier service point.

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