Accra I Kigali I Lagos

Connecting you to shop-send-receive & earn as you travel

You can now reach any shop in the United Kingdom or United States with delivery prices to your city starting at £9.99 from UK and at least 70% cheaper than regular courier costs from the USA.

This is wonderful! I can now get hold of all the little but needed items that make a difference to my wellbeing.

Yes! You can now earn as you travel, make the best of your resources and make a difference to the wellbeing of your community

“As an Expat I no longer have to worry about how to restock on protective patches for my glucose monitor on my arm, or any items I need that cannot be found locally. I just list them on SkyCliQ. Listing is free and I also get to earn when I do travel, and offset my carbon footprint. Excellent!”

Accra I Kigali I Lagos

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