Introducing SkyCliQ...

Earn money helping – as you travel to your destination!

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Welcome to SkyCliQ

Decide what to buy with payments to you held securely via Stripe

Quick drop off at airport arrivals. No need to find the shopper

Receive payments in US Dollars or Pounds Sterling

How it works for Travellers

Browse and accept requests for needed items.


Purchase the item needed and travel as you normally would do


Drop off with our Customs Clearing team at arrivals


Traveller FAQ’s

How much could I earn while travelling?

This depends on how much you can take along. An empty 23kg suitcase from the USA could fetch you estimated net earnings of $950.

Will I have to find and meet the shoppers to deliver the items?

No! Travellers and shoppers never meet and never know each other’s names. All transactions are by initials only. All items are dropped off with SkyCliQ’s customs agents at airport arrivals who then contact shoppers to arrange collection or delivery.

Payments are made to the traveller’s nominated bank. The traveller will be paid in US Dollars or Pound Sterling depending on the country the product is being sourced from.

No! Travellers do not have to pay anything to customs. Any tariffs and duties (where applicable) are paid by our customs clearing agents to be refunded by the shopper.

No! Absolutely no fees for the traveller or the shopper to join the platform. Just jump on the platform and browse and decide if you want to help someone access an item.

You get to earn as you travel, and importantly and quite often, make a difference in the lives of people who need useful items for their wellbeing from markets beyond theirs.

Yes! So long as you can take along items as you travel, to earn as you travel.

This is no fault of the traveller. SkyCliQ will verify and class the transaction as a delayed transaction – pending a new delivery date.

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